Tamás Csulik Unkarista hyökkäyksen linjaan

14.11.2017, 17:42

Tamás kertoi meille hieman itsestään ja valmistautumisestaan tulevaan kauteen:

Tell me something about you and your history as a football player.

My name is Tamás Csulik, I’m 21 years old and I’ve been playing football since I was 12 years old. My primary position is Left Tackle in offense but I can play DE, DT. I played for many teams in Hungary, for the National team of Hungary and for Kyiv Patriots in Ukraine.

Why you chose Crocodiles and what are your expectations on next season in Finland

Crocodiles is great team with great history, I mean there’s no team in Hungary with 30 years history. Seinäjoki is a small town like my hometown I will feels like I’m home.

How do you practise in offseason?

The way I prepare for the season is by hitting the gym and mentally getting ready for a season. I need to practice together with my teammates, the whole offensive and defensive line so I’m really excited to land in Finland as soon as possible.

What are your best skills in football and is there anything what you like to improve?

I’m versatile player I can play both sides, I played each positions in defense. I play smart and hit hard. My best skills in football are, I’m aggressive from start to finish, that I never give up on the play even if it’s not coming my way. What can I improve on? Always techniques but at the end of the day I always want to improve no matter what.

What would you like to say for our fans and co-players?

To all my fans, i am excited to be apart of this football league and this team. I promise to play the best I can and bring the W on every game!

Thank you! Go Crocs!!!