Man behind the facemask – Amare Burks

19.04.2022, 18:25

Croodiles on jo useana vuonna putkeen vahvistanut takakenttäänsä yhdysvaltalaisella takamiehellä. Tulevalla kaudella tätä tonttia tulee hoitamaan Amare Burks. Burks pelasi yliopistouransa sekä Coloradon Adams State Universityssä (NCAA D2) ja Ottawa Universityssä Arizonassa (NAIA), jossa hänet valittiin useaan otteeseen All American ja All Conference joukkueisiin. Nähtäväksi jää, raivaako Burks seuraavaksi tiensä Vaahteraliigan All-Stars miehistöön.

Name: Amare Burks
Age: 25
Position: Defense Back
Previous team: Norther Arizona Wranglers
Best football memory: Scoring my first touchdown
Best thing in Crocs: The people and scenery
Profession/ what did you study: Communications
Hometown: Phoenix Arizona
Other hobbies: Painting, cutting hair, music
Favorite food: Vegan food

How are you?
I’m very blessed to say the least

Where are you right now?
Right now I’m in Phoenix Arizona

Why did you choose Crocs?
I chose the crocs because I can tell the culture is genuine and it seemed like a great opportunity

Expectations of Finland?
Expectations are to grow and learn as much as I need to

What are your individual goals for next season?
My individual goals for the season are to win Team MVP and league MVP on defense

What are your expectations for next season?
Team Goals are to win more games than last season

How are you preparing for season 2022?
I’m staying in the weight room, eating right and getting in shape overall

Describe what kind of team is Crocs 2022?
I’m not sure yet but from what I know, it seems like a good and determined set of men

Anything else you wanna say to Crocs fans?
This season will be one to remember