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History of Crocodiles

Seinäjoki Crocodiles began to play American football back in 1987. After the team was formed they started playing in the Finnish 2nd division the following year and finished 4th. In 1989 Crocodiles went undefeated and gained promotion to division 1 where they stayed for only two seasons. In 1990 they finished third and in 1991 they again played undefeated gaining promotion to the Maple League where they have remained ever since.

The first season in the Maple League, in 1992, actually ended with a loss to Hämeenlinna Tigers and Crocodiles should have been relegated to 1st division, but they regained their place in Maple League as Oulu Northern Lights decided to forfeit their place in the winter time.

That was the last time when Crocodiles had any kind of difficulty in the top flight. After that they have been regular customers in the playoffs, but it took a long time before the first medal was presented to them. It happened back in 1996 when Crocodiles lost the semifinal to Helsinki based East City Giants 28-20. Then the waterbeasts travelled to Turku for the consolation game and were able to defeat heavily favoured Trojans with a field goal margin after Teemu Ivalo intercepted a pass just seconds before the end of the game.

It took another four trips to the playoffs until the Crocodiles made it to the Maple Bowl in 2000. Then the 11-time champions, Helsinki Roosters were the stronger team winning the tight game 25-18.

Year 2001 it was finally the year of the Crocodiles. They went to the Maple Bowl as underdogs, but came out as winners of the best Maple Bowl for ages beating Roosters 15-13 with Sami Sillgren causing a safety in the 4th quarter.

After that Crocodiles got their chance to play in the Euro Bowl for the very first time. First it seemed that there would be a game against Hamburg Blue Devils, but they withdrew from the tournament and Tyresö Royal Crowns became the first opponents.

The first game was played in Sweden and Crocodiles stunned everyone by winning the game 30-7. The home game at Seinäjoen Keskuskenttä, which is not their original hometurf, was a tight contest, but the home team played smartly winning it 20-0 to advance to Braunschweig.

Eurobowl semifinal at Braunchsweig was a tight contest. Crocodiles led 7-3 halftime but final score read 15-7 for the home team, Lions. In Maple league Crocodiles finished 3rd and gained bronze medal. In 2003 season Crocodiles reached 4th place. The season was filled with tons of injuries and even though the regular season finish with 7-3 record was good, they could not transform that to the playoffs and ended up losing both post-season games.

The year 2004 was a resurrection of the Crocodiles. There was new coaching, lot of new players and new goals. Team played very entertaining and high scoring offense and finished with another bronze medal. The semifinal loss came to the eventual champs in a tight game.

In 2005 Crocodiles played pretty similar football and looked very entertaining and powerful, especially in offense after adding few more players to their roster. They went 10-0 in the regular season and crushed Turku Trojans in the semifinal 51-12. Their defense improved a lot and allowed mere seven points a game. However, it was a year of a surprise as Porvoo Butchers were crowned the champions with a deserved 17-7 win in the Finnish Championship game, the Maple Bowl. The game remained tied 7-7 until very late in the game and Butchers were able to secure their victory scoring twice during the last quarter.

2006, another Eurobowl season win from Moscow and close 4 quarter loss to Stockholm ended EFL season too early. Mapleleague regular season went 11-1, losing only Wolverines at Helsinki. Tough Playoff homegame loss to Wolverines ended season to pronze.

2007 Crocodiles played again great regular season with 8 wins and only 2 losses. Crocodiles beated Jyväskylä Jaguars at the playoff game 40-27 and earned their spot in maplebowl XXVIII. In a very tight game, Porvoo Butchers took the first prize at 15-14.

2008 Crocodiles went to Eurobowl semifinals and earned a straight spot in 09 Eurobowl quarterfinals with home field advantage. Regular season in maple league started with 5-1 record, but different injuries and tiredness down to Eurobowl Crocodiles finished their season with record 6-6. This was the first time since -92 when Crocodiles didn't make the playoffs.

Year 2009 was a strong period of growth in Crocodiles, Especially in Crocodiles juniors. There were over 400 overall members in Crocodiles. Season started with EFL quarterfinal game in Seinäjoki which Crocodiles lost in overtime to Porvoo Butchers 21-27.  In Maple league after slow start Crocodiles won seven in a row, but in playoffs, Roosters were better by 36-33. Crocodiles finished season at third place again.

Season 2010 was 19th in Maple league for Crocodiles. Season started slowly and till midsummer the record was 2-2. Defeats at beginning of the season were so tight that with little changes the team was improved. Beginning of July warmed the Crocodiles and the Wins started to follow each others. Last game of regular season against Wolverines ensured the 1st position in standings. Playoff game in home field against Roosters seemed to be over after 1st quarter but Roosters came from behind to 21-21. Man of the match was Crocodiles’ Greg Fountain who ran over 300 yards in the game, including the 80 yard winning TD run. Crocodiles travelled to Helsinki to play in Maple league championship game. Crocodiles started strongly and the score was at half time 17-17. At the second half Crocs offence did not get the drives going. Crocs defense stopped the Butchers decently but Butchers won the Maple Bowl 30-17. Crocodiles had own young players involved in the Maple Bowl which gives hope for the future.

2011 was the busiest year at the operational level. Junior teams in almost every level, women’s team at Finnish championship level and Men’s team at Maple league. There were over 20 players in youngest junior group, F-juniors. E-juniors lost only one game during the season. D-juniors fought for the national championship but ended their season at fourth place. C-juniors won every game in their division as well as A-juniors did. Women’s team played their first year at Seinäjoki and in national championship level. Women’s team missed the playoffs barely. For many women this was their first year at contact sports so the fifth place was great achievement. Men’s season was again “silver”. By winning the regular season with only one loss in overtime got expectations high for final. Tight 30-27 loss to Helsinki Wolverines was disappointment after hard fight.



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